Hospitality Lexis

Hospitality Lexis is a compilation of emotions of success, innovations,opinions,competitions and each one attached to the art of hoteliering. It is a vivid collection of events, property reviews and changes which makes big difference. Its content travel from places, plates, properties and they are all sorted and stored in our pages for you to please turn over and scan through to grab all of it.  


A monthly adventure that contains interviews with the well known as well as newcomers of the industry,a pack of big headlines and talks of the industry, a perfect property review to read and reserve a stay. Stories to learn , events to attend, seasonal cuisines to hog on, parties to hop in, associations to cherish .


Each of our edition drives you with a motivation and a hint ,and sense of competition to work upon and excel. With each page curated especially for you, like a your window to peep inside the industry.


Happy Reading.


Our odyssey started from 2016 with an aim to fulfil all the nitty-gritty need and demand for hospitality.