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HB Chefs:
The spice and success.
The Glamorous gourmet Heroes of the kitchen who brings for us the heaven by coddling,boiling,braising,tossing and garnishing their love out on that plate for us. We celebrate the achievements, appointments and nourishments of our chefs round the world, and bring the funky, junky and masala updates from the chefs world.
Follow us to enter the world of chefs, and get ready to drool over those recipes and high on the hard work behind.
HB Mixologists:
The Fizzy Bizz.
Catch the gossip of the glass through us as we pour it on our page. This page is all about liquor and logic,Get happiness all mixed and fixed in a glass.
HB Restaurateur:
The happy corners in the city
This is a page crafted for the creators of happiness through aura and aroma,and serving the mouth watering,finger liking,pack of hapiness on the plates and we put in effort to bring it to you through our page.
You will get latest updates of the restaurants to-go-to and eat on and tips to tick on for its success.A foodies hub within four walls.
HB Hoteliers:
Check out before you check in.
Rooms for few days,gallery of pictures and stories, Hear it out to those bees with baggage full of highlights from the garden of suites.
This is a journey one will go through as the feeds will hit your fomo strong and the perfect picturesque will drive you to book a stay and hail the hotel all over.
HB Beverages:
Fighting upon a half filled and half empty glass is too mainstream. Think smarter,Stay glued and gulp down the feeds about makers who bring it till glass.Read through us about fun filled and fulfilled battle of bottle business.
HB Food business:
WTF ( What the food!)Get chunks of news at Food junk.From garnishing to deserts know what you eat and give yourself a yummy tummy treat.
Your dose of zeal.
Scroll down the page and take a trip to tick what all you want to explore and of your interest, new ways to go, new upgrades for the travellers.

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